Homeward bound: Berkshire, England

Start me up: “When I was about 10, I met this producer who was looking for a young kid to
work with and develop,” Howl says. “We really clicked, and that’s when I started writing and recording stuff.”

This is why i’m hot: Columbia Records (UK) snapped her up before she even had a chance to post a single online.
In an industry where an Internet following is a prerequisite to getting signed, you get the picture.

Jam on it: Start with “No Strings,” a hooky, irreverent song about a post-party tryst set against bouncy synthpop.

Makes me wonder: For an 18-year-old, Howl offers up surprisingly straight-talking lyrics on dark subject matter, but her spunky delivery has a pleasant balancing effect. 

Best i ever had: “I just did a mini tour, and everyone was really supportive and encouraging. It’s nice when people find my stuff on the Internet and tweet me that they like it, but when I stood in front of a crowd and saw them enjoy it before my eyes, it was just incredible.”

Heroes: “I’m always like, ‘OK, how can I make something as catchy as The Cure’s “Close to Me”?’ When it comes to really badass female melodies, I look to Blondie.”

Straight to hell: “At the moment, I think I’ve been pretty well-behaved. It’s probably because I’m quite young, so everyone’s like, ‘Oh no, look after Chlöe!’ Meanwhile, on the inside, I’m like, ‘Please let me misbehave!’”